The Ideal Caregiver

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09 June 2010 - 09:06 AM

What traits do you need to be the "Ideal Caregiver"? This list may sound very over whelming at first, but I do believe if you have most of the traits and are willing to provide the best care possible, your life as a "Caregiver" providing home care will fall into place.

- emotionally and physically capable of handling the work
- able to share duties and responsibilities with other willing family members
- able to plan solutions and solve problems instead of withdrawing under stress
- able to speak in a simple and clear way
- comfortable giving and receiving help
- trained for the level of care required
- able to handle unpleasant tasks such as changing diapers, bathing, or cleaning bed sores
- in good health and has energy, skill, and the ability to adapt
- able to cope with anger and frustration
- able to afford respite (back-up) care when necessary
- able to speak to and understand the care receiver
- able to make this person feel useful and needed
- valued by other family members
- able to adjust to the future needs and wishes of the person in care
- aware of other care options and willing to explore them

Source: The Comfort of Home for Chronic Lung Disease - A Guide for Cargivers by Maria M. Meyers and Paula Derr, RN with Mary E. Gilmartin, BSN, RRT, AE-C

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