Respiratory and Non Respiratory Lung Functions

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02 February 2009 - 10:03 AM

Respiratory and Non Respiratory Functions of our Lungs

1. The Respiratory function = gas exchange.

The lungs get oxygen into the blood and remove carbon monoxide from the blood and the body.

2. The Non-Respiratory function = mechanical, biochemical and physiological defense system and "cleaners".

The lungs protect the body from potentially harmful airborne pollutants and toxic chemicals produced by our own body.
The are the first line of defense against airborne bacterial and viral agents, other infectious agents and irritants.
They remove volatile particles and substances generated within the body.
The lungs control the flow of water, ions and proteins across its cellular structures.
With the liver, they act as the metabolic product "removals services" of the body.
The lungs manufacture certain essential hormones and other chemicals for very specific functions in the body.

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