Depression and Anxiety in the Patient with COPD

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06 December 2007 - 02:02 PM

There are so many great articles at BBLW, and it's easy to miss some. I just thought I'd bring up this article from our Jane! :blink: If you haven't read it yet, it's well worth the read!

A piece of valuable advice Jane shares in this article:

"Many small changes can add up to a big - and positive - difference in your life with chronic lung disease. By making these a part of your everyday life, you will feel better and breathe better.
  • I use pursed lips breathing with any exertion.
  • I use diaphragmatic breathing every day.
  • I do chest mobility exercises every day.
  • I do stretches every day.
  • I do some exercise every day.
  • I use relaxation techniques to relieve muscle tension and anxiety.
  • I do not smoke.
  • I know the signs of infection and I call my doctor, should they occur.
  • I am alert to things that make my breathing worse and do my best to avoid them.
  • I use my breathing devices for inhalers and airway clearance correctly and as recommended.
  • I do postural drainage and chest percussion as recommended.
  • I take my breathing medicine(s) as prescribed. I understand how they work. I know which ones are for maintenance and which ones are for relief. The medicine I should take when I am having breathing trouble is:
  • I carry my up-to-date medication / health information card.
  • I eat a well-balanced diet with water as recommended by my physician or dietician.
  • I take a nutritional supplement if I am at or below ideal body weight.
  • I have accepted the fact that I have a lung disease and keep a positive attitude. I talk with a supportive person about my fears and bad feelings.
  • My partner and I share our feelings about my lung disease and work together to make our relationship a warm and satisfying one for both of us.
  • I work in an honest partnership with my doctor to obtain maximum benefit from his / her care.
  • My personal mantra for my life with chronic lung disease is:
  • List your own additional ideas..."

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