Bad Breath While Dieting?

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12 October 2007 - 09:53 AM

Why Does My Breath Smell Bad While Dieting?

Author: Kelvin Ho

Have you ever noticed that you have had bad breath while dieting? Lots of people have noticed that while the pounds might be dropping off like crazy, their breath is getting worse and worse. This is actually very normal, and a lot of people experience this. You may notice that if you eat more proteins and especially on low-carb diets, you will suffer from bad breath, or halitosis. There is a reason why this actually happens.

When our bodies go without our usual intake of food, after a while they will start to burn fat to use for energy. When our bodies are in this process of burning deposits of fat, it is called 'Ketosis.' You may have heard this word related to some popular low-carb diets. There has been a lot of controversy around this process, but it is perfectly natural to the body when it begins to get rid of the extra fat in our bodies.

The process of Ketosis burns all types of fats except one. This particular fat cannot be burned by Ketosis. It is called 'Acetone.' While Ketosis gets rid of the other fats, Acetone gets excreted as waste in our bodies. This usually comes out through the urine or the breath. This is why we experience bad breath while we're on diets. It is actually perfectly normal. However, we do not want to deal with bad breath. It has an impact on our lives that we do not necessarily want to deal with, especially if we want to keep our spouses close! Here are some things that you can do to ensure that breath smells nice while dieting.

* Be very thorough during your usual dental hygiene routine. Take your time and don't rush through brushing your teeth.

* Use dental floss to completely clean between teeth. This also makes sure that there are no food particles between teeth that will decay and cause bad breath.

* Use mouth wash to kill harmful bacteria that can make your breath smells bad.

* Use a tongue scraper to remove any pathogens that are on the surface of your tongue. These pathogens produce compounds which escalate the problem.

* Drink 8 full glasses of water each day. First of all, water dilutes ketones in the body. This will help control the smell of your breath, or at least reduce it some. Second of all, a dry mouth can produce bad breath even worse than a normal mouth. Drinking water keeps you hydrated, and keeps your mouth moist.

Applying these tips and ideas right now will help you eliminate your bad breath even when you are on your favorite diet.


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