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Welcome to our Community!

The Breathing Better Living Well Community is now in a "read only" format. Here you'll find a wealth of information - over ten years of wisdom from health care professionals and folks like you with COPD or another chronic lung disease.

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The Basics


What Do You Want to Know?

  1. Pulmonary Diseases,
  2. Welcome Inn,
  3. COPD Q & A

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Quitting Smoking

  1. Quit Smoking Support-No Butts About It!

If you smoke, quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to alter the course of COPD. Here you'll find information and encouragement and tips from those who have quit.

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Ask the RT - Respiratory Therapist

Have a question? Ask a Respiratory Therapist. To see all topics in this forum, click on "Ask the RT," above. We look forward to hearing from you!

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*** PLEASE NOTE: As always, do not begin any exercise program without the knowledge and consent of your personal physician. The suggested activities you find on this forum are intended as information only. Feel free to print out and ask your doctor if these might be appropriate for you.

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BBLW Village Gym

In the Village Gym, members share their exercise and fitness routines. Come see what we're doing-and how. But... remember that this is information only and not intended as advice. Always check with your physician before starting any exercise program, find what works best for you and then tell us about it!

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Eat right to breathe well

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Community - You are not alone!



  1. How to get through a "bad air" day,
  2. Eileen's Journey,
  3. Helping Others,
  4. Care and Concern

This is a place to share encouragement, concerns and health updates, words of hope and friendship, and...HUGS. In memory of Eileen Dulude, our lead moderator and dear friend at BBLW, who passed away August 15, 2011.

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Caregivers' Window

Moderated by caregivers who have walked this road, this is the place to talk about family and caregiving issues related to lung disease. As a caregiver, you need help and support, too! We're here for you.

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LVRS Journey

Ronnie's experience with Lung Volume Reduction Surgery. For the back story scroll down this page, click on "Happy Hour at the Oxygen Bar," and click on "Lung Reduction."

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Sharing My Story

A place to share the story of your COPD Journey and Experiences: When were you diagnosed? What treatments are you on? What do you do to keep on living your life? Share only what you wish and not what you want to keep private. We can learn from, and help, each other in our battle with this disease - and inspire others on this journey.
If you are a RT you may want to tell how and why you became a RT and share something about your experience (no names or identifiers, of course).

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Get Up and GO2!

News and talk about Sea Puffers "Get Up and GO2" pulmonary cruises

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Thankfulness - Being thankful enriches our lives

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Humor - Laughter is the best medicine

Got a joke to tell? Please keep it clean and kind.

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Post pictures by clicking on our Gallery

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Share a favorite recipe

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Birthdays and Holidays

Celebrating together

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Happy Hour at the Oxygen Bar -- Off-Topic

Tired of always thinking about your breathing problems? Hang out here to talk about non-pulmonary things...Because you are so much more than your disease!

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Ask the Experts


Ask Dr. Sharma about Anxiety and Panic -- Currently a read-only forum

Breathing Better Living Well thanks Dr. Vijai Sharma for answering questions about Panic and Anxiety related to lung disease. To see all questions and answers, click on "Ask Dr. Sharma about Anxiety and Panic" and click on each topic.
Dr. Sharma is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience, and is a certified yoga teacher. He had untreated asthma and chronic bronchitis since childhood and was diagnosed with Emphysema in 1994. For more information go to http://www.breathingbetterlivingwell.com/articles.php

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Ask the Respiratory Therapist - Helen Sorenson - Currently a read-only forum

Our sincere thanks to Respiratory Therapist, Helen Sorenson, who was here to answer our questions about spirometry and other respiratory issues from February 25-29, 2008.
The forum is now closed, but the "Ask the RT" Q & A will remain on our community forum.
To see all questions and answers, click on "Ask the Respiratory Therapist-Helen Sorenson," and click on each topic.
Helen Sorenson, MA RRT CPFT FAARC, teaches respiratory care at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.

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Ask Dr. Adams - Currently a Read-Only Forum

For all questions and answers in an easy-to-read format, click here: http://www.breathingbetterlivingwell.com/basics/ask_dr_adams.php

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